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May 2018 _Art fair "Mercado da arte" _VIGO, curated by Notodoelpescadoestavendido.

July 2018_ Land art in Lapinjärvi_ with colective COVA curated by Antonio Arosa.

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  • Summer production
    | 14 | 08 | 2012 |

    This year we had too much work at  taller Zoográfico  thats why i take advantage of summer holidays and prepare the new exhibitions. One thing i´m happy with is the fact that i´m starting to investigate with video.

    Next exhibitions will be near my hometown, on september in  Galería Arcana(Vilagarcía) and a month later with MARIA Vilhelmiina Ukontytär KÄRKKÄINEN (if my name fits on the poster :) in a big Space in the center of Vigo in october.

  • Parallax Art Fair 2012
    | 14 | 02 | 2012 |

    My paintings were juried into the upcoming Parallax Art Fair in London from Feb 16-18, 2012. This is not the first time I show my art  abroad but it is my first time in such a big fair, Im excited with the event and really looking forwards to be in London and take advantage from the trip.

    This 9 paintings in the show are from the serie "Frames from un uncomfortable future"  made between 2011-2012.

    Hope you like it!

    PAF 2012

    | 11 | 01 | 2012 |

    During 2011 and 2012 Maria Vilhelmiina Kärkkäinen and me will exhibit our project " Cartas Postales".Last february 2011 it was in Baari, Helsinki but soon it will be in Vigo, Spain.

  • Compendio I_1999-2009 PINTURAS en Galería TERMES
    | 10 | 06 | 2010 |

    Today will be the opening for "Compendio I"  in Termes Galery, where you can find paintings from the last 10 years. Come to visit and enjoy!



I graduated in Fine Art (Pontevedra), and complete with teaching various courses related to painting, making music, drawing and illustration. During this time I meet flexo and work with them in the IFI festival, also collaborated in the Biennial of Pontevedra, and do little jobs expos production of MARCO and the Manor House of Culture. I get an Erasmus grant for art Kuopio, Finland, another Mondariz landscape, and was given an award in Vilafranca Penedes. Collaborated on several projects such as designing covers for musicians such as Pihlaja, or Fillo pausado Dismal, and a number of alg-a netlabel. Collaborations in publications such as meat liquid Garabattage, Perquele and Abendota.


_ Since I devote myself to painting and drawing, I dedicate my time to the production and exhibition of work, teaching but also the stimulation of creative spaces with other people sharing workshop. These workshops are a place of creation, dissemination and cultural revitalization to accommodate and vindicate the art living spaces: _ ::: inventari l'Workshop Gracia (BCN) 2004-2006

space created by illustrators and photographers in the neighboorhood de Gracia in Barcelona) - with projects like: Garabatage Artists: Riki Blanco, Josep Rodés, Marc Torrent. 2004-2005 BCN Workshop A ::: Pastora Pastora (VIGO) 2005-2007

Espazo artistic production projects _ Isaac Cordal, Berio Molina,,2005-2007 Ludd34560.VIGO Alg-a.org


Bouzas ::: _Taller red alga (VIGO) 2007-2009 _Espacio art production where they develop projects such as: Abendotá, Le Chanelas, printing workshop, Teaching Painting. and which have passed: Aida Lucia Alonso Sanchez Silvia Roma Porto Ines Miguel Luis Casarejos Baltar. Aida currently working Alonso, Sergio Covelo and I: ::: ZOOGRAFICO _Taller Bouzas (Vigo) 2011

Solo exhibitions


-Exposición gráfica en Galería Arcana “AUTOGRAFÍAS”, vilagarcía de arousa.octubre.


-Exposición de pintura “ naturaleza viva”en galería Manuel marquez,ourense.Marzo.

-Exposición en Espazo loios.”Naturaleza viva” Oporto, potugal.Abril


-Exposición individual pinturas en Pazo “a escola”.Marzo.

-Exposición individual de pintura “Compendio I” en galería termes.vigo.junio.

 Termes Gallery, 2007. Paintings. Vigo, Spain.

 Patos, 2006. Paintings. Galicia, Spain.

 www.aregueifa.org, 2006. Artist’s Book.

 Auction by Lasuite, Calypso Hotel, 2005. Paintings. Sitges, Spain.

 Terra, Lloc de Trovada. 2005.  Paintings. Barcelona, Spain.

 Alg-a.org, 2005. Artist’s Book.

 La casa de Arriba, 2002.  Paintings and Drawings. Vigo, Spain.

 Café Galleria, 2001.  Paintings. Vigo, Spain.

 Uf, 2000.  Paintings. Vigo, Spain.

 Porriño Main Hall, 2000.  Sculpture. Porriño, Spain.


Collective exhibitions


-Exposición colectiva "Universo lácteo" na sala Sanoguera,Melide, Coruña.

-Exposición colectiva “renovarse o matar” con Beatriz Martinez, Belen Veleiro, Silvi, Anina,Minia Main, Meri Viñas, Ana Santiso, Helena Rivera, Neru Herreros, Miriam Rapado.Xuño. Centro cultural de Boiro.


-Exposición colectiva “pontes luso galaicas” Salão Nobre, junto da Câmara Municipal de Porto. 18 Julio-18 Agosto

-Exposición colectiva junto la artista lucía Romaní en el acto inaugural de la vivienda de Chaín, rehabilitación y obra arquitectónica de Ramón Vieitez.Octubre.


-Exposición colectiva de pintura “tres para una crisis”en la galería termes.vigo.ENERO.con yayo quesada y Miguel Mayal.

-Exposición colectiva junto a la artista Lucía Romaní en el festival poético “sopa de alg-as” en el Alg-a LAB, VIGO.febrero.

-Exposición colectiva “vicus x Haití” en a casa das artes, Vigo.Febrero.

-Exposición colectiva “TOTEM REVOLOTEM” en espazo de gravedad permanente AMALGAMA,Mayo.VIGO.



-Exposición con la artista María K.” Carata postal” Pintura y fotografía en el espacio BAARI, Helsinki.

-Supermercado da arte III Feria da Arte Galega na A Coruña con 40 artistas galegos.

-Decollage en Vigo junto a los artistas Pelucas y Silvia Sánchez  que forma parte de un documental proyectado por Pablo Outón .

 Barceloneta Civic Center, 2007. Graphics. Barcelona, Spain.

 A Pastora, 2006. Paintings with Canadian artist Michelle Doerner. “A Pastora”, Vigo, Spain.

 VII Biennial Exhibition, Eixo Atlántico, 2005-6. Paintings.  Two-year travelling exhibit through 18 cities, in Spain and Portugal.

 Termes Gallery, 2006.  Paintings. Vigo, Spain.

 Ambar. Paintings.  Barcelona, Spain.

 Sala Teucro, 2005. Exhibition to benefit UNICEF.  Paintings.  Pontevedra, Spain.

 Art Super Market by Firart, 2005.  Paintings. Vilafranca del Penedés, Spain.

 El almacén, 2005. Paintings. Barcelona, Spain.

 Existimos, House of Culture, 2004.  Paintings. Pontevedra, Spain.

 New Talents, 2004.  Pontevedra museum. Paintings.  Pontevedra, Spain.

 Pinturas Alborada, 2004.  Paintings. Pontevedra, Spain.

 Balconadas, 2004.   Paintings. Betanzos, Spain.

 Entre Lusco e Fusco, 2004. Pontevedra, Spain.

 Mondariz Balneario Main Hall, 2004. Paintings. Mondariz, Spain.

 Nature, Taitemia Gallery and Graphic Artists Center, 2003. Paintings. Kuopio & Jyväskyla, Finland.

 City of Lugo Contest, 2003.  Paintings. Lugo, Spain.

 No es crúpulo, Pontevedra Fine Arts University, 2003.  Paintings and Drawings.  Pontevedra, Spain.

 Chocolata Gallery, 2002.  Paintings. Pontevedra, Spain.

 Artist of Coutomixto, Coutomixto Main Hall, Banco Simeon, and House of Culture, 2002.  Paintings.   Coutomixto, Ourense and Pontevedra, Spain.

 Feria do Libro book festival, 3rd ed., 2002. Installation.  Pontevedra, Spain.

 Medusa Exhibition Hall, 2001. Paintings with the artist Ana Santiso. Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

 Alquimia, Pontevedra Fine Arts University Main Hall, 2000. Paintings.  Pontevedra, Spain.

 Lost Paradises, Pontevedra Fine Arts University, 2000. Drawings.  Pontevedra, Spain.

 Caixa Pontevedra Art Contest, 2000. Paintings.  Pontevedra, Spain.

- Graphic design for several music projects as: O fillo pausado, Pihlaja, and most of the designs from alga netlabel.

- Participates in different illustrated magazines as: Perquele, Carne Líquida, Garabattage.

- Collaborates in installation and exhibition with: Salón del libro infantil y juvenil de Pontevedra Pazo de , "La fura del Baus" with the performance CAMELARTE.

- With different artists: Isaac Cordal(Zoo-audio performance), Amaya Gonzalez(collaboration in Video and performances), Lucia Romaní( project called ELLAS).

- Drawings and serigraph for Le chanelas, Abendota.

- Live painting: Reciclarte, Hostia en Verso, M.A.R.C.O.

NATUREZA VIVA>>Galería Manuel Márquez, Pinturas:::13-Marzo>>13 Abril 2009/ Ourense.

"Living nature is the title of the exhibition of Antía Sanchez (Vigo, 1975) in which landscapes can be seen this past year. Cies Islands view from Cabo Home, love flowers that come in between the rocks or a couple on the shore of a lake in Poland. Although often paints the natural, in this series of works were performed mainly in the workshop, excursions from the camera. A preview image capture at a time of day in a particular location, the side away from direct observation and the other allows more time.

Some vestiges of landscape painters, Claude Monet, Friedrich and Peter Doig, with unusual combinations of colors enter the dream, a mystery that stains the fields and condenses an environmental mood, as if painted from a branch, a reed, a trace cloud.

There is an art which does not qualify, prior to the classrooms and teachers, prior to consciousness. This is the case Antía Sanchez, "the painter of biology" that is dedicated to rescuing universes where there's life in such detail, to dissolve in the painting itself, in what he paints. Plains calm blue peaks in the daylight, days of wind moving the blades of grass, animals whizzing by in the evening. Kidnapped by the sensations establishes a conversation face to face with greens softened edges, for example - "And there are flowers on your shirt!. - In your meadow, ma'am. "The result is paintings that breathe and produce a sudden see. Catch the appearance of time on the web without losing its elusive nature.

You have to look at his hands like a pianist to explore from where these remote and splendid landscapes. Subjective landscapes landscapes. "

Vanesa Diaz.



“We don’t inherit the land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children” (Native American proverb)

There’s something that persists in painting: the creator’s look, the subject’s experience capable of creating and recreating something in the world that usually passes unnoticed. To Paul Klee it’s making the invisible visible, discovering the skeleton of things to Cezanne or a small sensation to Matisse.

Painting takes what’s native far away and then returns. Because it creates a place. It is a residence. Painting knows that nature is older, and something in her holistic condition survives in the work. From Claude Monet’s water lilies to the canoe in the water by Peter Doig. From the portraits of women and interiors with windows of Vanessa Bell to Tarsila do Amaral’s naive painting and tropicalism. From the almost hallucinatory flowers by Séraphine Louise to Georgia O’Keefe’s petals of blurred contours which lead to abstraction; a desert flower transformed into a landscape that opens like an eye, or a tornado. The surreal shades of Leonora Carrington and the conjugal trees of Max Ernst. Memoirs of a Nomad (1979) by Marie Marevna and the creatures flying over the roof of Chagall's friend. Even in Maruja Mallo‘s The Ether Travelers and in Remedios Varo’s science fiction, the paint retains a strangeness. It’s an accomplice of secret interconnections. It’s a witness to the multiple relationships between all things. And it displays delicious variations of that sense of vitality.

The heterogeneous and eclectic work of Antía Sanchez (Vigo, 1975) includes works on paper, collages, drawings and oil paintings on various surfaces and objects such as palettes, trays or suitcases. It uses images from magazines and book illustrations from which shapes are cut and elements of memories extracted to be developed on the canvas in an attempt to arrest what one might stare at for a lifetime: the framed here and now. The work recovers the pictorial genre that Henry Rousseau—the customs officer—called portrait-landscape whose marginality offers balance represented by the integration of the human figure in the landscape as if it were its natural state over time.

The artist emerges in autobiographical work and paints the cyclical regeneration inherent in all matter, the continuous process of birth and death. Although faithful to change, some things recur; a symbolic repertoire that displays her personal universe, a persistent series of figures: the bird, the flower, women or the heart in an animal's body. Guided by intuition she enters the landscape as if she entered a dream.

Vanesa Diaz, Critic and writter for ARTNOTES.


Retrato de Maria K y Antía Sánchez para exposición.
Pequeña entrevista.
Tarjeta de exposición.
Retrato con cuadro y piña, por Maria K
Cuando vivía en Tomiño, pensando con el corazón.
Colocando los cuadros
Maria K se quedó con mi maleta pintada a la que llevó a sus sesiones de foto para el periódico.
Taller actual
Reunión alg-a en Castrelos.
Díptico para la feria de Londres.
Pintando en el Salón de las Artes de Marín
Antía Sánchez

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